Podcast Episode #1 Intro to Love ‘N Watches

Welcome to Episode 1! Ranch Racer and Perpetual Girl (hereafter referred to as “Double R” and “PG”) introduce themselves and try to explain their sick addiction to watches. Ranchracer is the baby in this relationship, and it’s clearly determined that this whole watch collecting business is Perpetualgirl’s fault. The team does NOT discriminate against any watch. They love it all and will discuss it all on the Podcast. As a bonus, you get to hear the printer calibrate itself live during the show!

Double R lays out the format. Probably every couple of weeks to start, with each show somewhere in the 25-35 minute range. Hoping to go weekly at some point, but we don’t get paid for this!

And into the wrist checks: PG is sporting her Dan Henry 1970 Diver 40mm, one of her favorite divers. Double R talks about his Helm Khuraburi diver and how it got him into the watch review gig on www.wristwatchreview.com.

Guys, Love ‘N Watches may just be your savior if the wife or significant other isn’t thrilled with your watch collecting. We can help! Ladies, YOU are the whole reason behind the show. There’s lots out there for you and we’ll help you find it.

PG and Double R give a little preview of upcoming shows. Coverage of Wind Up micro brand show coming up soon in San Francisco in May. Coverage of COUTUREtime tradeshow and Redbar national meet-up in Las Vegas in early June. His and Hers watches. PG and Double R’s personal collection.

Links from the show:

PG’s wrist check watch: danhenrywatches.com/products/1970-a…tic-diver-watch

Double R’s wrist check watch: helmwatches.com/khuraburi2.html

Exactus Super Compressor, the watch that inspired PG’s Dan Henry 1970: www.timeline.watch/watch/1967-exac…sor-eepsa-36mm/

ToxicNATOS watch straps: www.toxicnatos.com

Wind Up Show: www.windup.wornandwound.com

Redbar Group: redbargroup.com

Follow the show on Instagram at @lovenwatches. Follow Double R at @ranchracer and PG at @perpetualgirl. Stock Media provided by GrantTregellasMusic / Pond5


Perpetualgirl and I are just your basic obsessed watch geeks who enjoy bringing our perspectives on watches and the watch industry to other like-minded geeks.

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