Ranch Racer Gets a Grand Seiko. Let’s Unbox It!

For years I’ve admired the quality and craftsmanship of Grand Seiko, and had several Spring Drive models on my perpetual wish list. But, something always stopped me from making the commitment. Usually some other watch would come along that I would fall in lust with, thereby continuing to relegate a Grand Seiko purchase to the back burner. Then came COUTUREtime 2018. 

Held in Las Vegas every year, and one of the largest watch and jewelry shows in the US, COUTUREtime attracts watch brands of all shapes, sizes, and price points, Grand Seiko being one of the higher end brands to display at the show. This year Perpetual Girl and I had the fortune of meeting with some amazing people at Grand Seiko, including master watchmaker Yoshifusa Nakasawa-San, and we were also lucky enough to be among the first people outside of Grand Seiko to see and handle three new US-only limited edition pieces, one of which I fell for immediately. Upon our return from Las Vegas I placed an order with a local AD, and yesterday received number 124 of 585 stainless steel SBGA387 Kura-Zuri dial models. Let’s get her unboxed!


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3 thoughts on “Ranch Racer Gets a Grand Seiko. Let’s Unbox It!

  1. Wow! Super cool! Beautiful watch and how exciting to get such a limited edition. Case back is awesome and the blue dial is gorgeous. Congrats! Enjoyed the unboxing.

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