Episode 8 – Buy What You Love & Love What You Buy!

In this week’s episode Perpetual Girl and Ranch Racer dive into some controversial topics. First they discuss the world of Invicta, why the brand frequently comes under fire from the watch community, and why that shouldn’t matter to you if you see an Invicta YOU like and want to own. They also touch a bit on brand ambassadors and why that tends to be a big turn off for them personally. Finally, they delve into the topic of why we all collect watches in the first place. Oh, and Ranch Racer meets a twenty-something who can’t tell time! Ugh. Hope you all enjoy the show!

Check out the gallery below for all the cool stuff we talked about on the show today.


Perpetualgirl and I are just your basic obsessed watch geeks who enjoy bringing our perspectives on watches and the watch industry to other like-minded geeks.

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