Episode 11 – Beaters, Thrashed Straps, and Traveling With Your Watches

In this week’s episode Ranch Racer and Perpetual Girl discuss their thoughts on the often used term “beater watch”. What makes a watch a beater? Is it the same criteria for everyone? Definitely not since the duo can’t even agree on what it means to each of them!

They also chat about their thoughts on nasty beat-up straps on really nice watches. Ok or not ok? Well, it’s neither since it’s just personal opinion right!? 🙂

Wrist Checks:

Finally they go into traveling with your watches and discuss the topic of homages. Hope you all enjoy the show!

Follow the show on Instagram at @lovenwatches. Follow RR at @ranchracer and PG at @perpetualgirl. Stock Media provided by GrantTregellasMusic / Pond5

Episode Links

Double R’s Beaters: Vostok Komandirskie, Casio A158WA-1, Casio AE1200WHD-1A, Seiko SSC017


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