Episode 15 – Thanksgiving Special!

Happy Thanksgiving watchfam! This week Ranch Racer and Perpetual bring you a special, totally out-of-the-blue Thanksgiving special episode. Along with a bunch of random ramblings we’re talking about our three crazy grail watches that we’ll never own but love to gawk at. Perpetual Girl throws out three Jaquet Droz pieces while Ranch Racer mixes it up with an MB&F, a Jacob & Co, and a Jaquet Droz. They each throw in an honorable mention as well. Hope you all enjoy the episode, and we’d like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving.

Wrist Checks


Perpetual Girl’s Picks

Jaquet Droz Bird Minute Repeater – https://www.jaquet-droz.com/en/watches/automata/the-bird-repeater-geneva-j031033204

Jaquet Droz Charming Bird – https://www.jaquet-droz.com/en/watches/automata/the-charming-bird-j031534240

Jaquet Droz Tropical Bird Repeater – https://www.jaquet-droz.com/en/watches/automata/tropical-bird-repeater-j033033200

Honorable Mention – Bulgati Serpenti – https://www.bulgari.com/en-us/products.html?root_level=317&sign=106

Ranch Racer’s Picks

MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual – https://mbandf.com/en/machines/legacy-machines/lmperpetual

Jacob & Co. Astronomia Solar Planets – https://www.jacobandco.com/timepieces/astronomia-solar-planets

Jaquet Droz Parrot Repeater Pocket Watch – https://www.jaquet-droz.com/en/watches/automata/parrot-repeater-pocket-watch-J080533000

Honorable Mention – Opera Watch By Jacob & Co. Godfather Edition – https://www.jacobandco.com/timepieces/opera-jacob-co-godfather-musical-watch



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