Episode 16 – Our First Guest!

That’s right watchfam, it’s our pleasure to welcome the show’s very first guest. This week we’re joined by good friend and founder of the Sacramento chapter of Redbar, Maciej Nejmantowicz (Yeah, we can’t pronounce it either.)

Topics range from date window vs. no date window, to how Maciej got started in collecting, and eventually to the story behind Redbar Sacramento. We hope you all enjoy the show, and if you’re local to the Sacramento area, you can follow Redbar Sac on Instagram at @redbarsac. Come on out and join us at our next GTG!

Wrist Shots:

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One thought on “Episode 16 – Our First Guest!

  1. Good pod cast. I really enjoyed it.
    Maciej is a great guy and very knowledgeable about many watch, as is the hosts.
    Steve Nolan

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