Podcast Episode 23 – Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas and Water Resistance

For this week’s episode Perpetual Girl is giving all you guys out there some Valentine’s Day gift ideas for your wives or girlfriends. This time it’s all about bundles. In other words, bundle a cool watch with something else your lady might care about like a handbag or maybe a scarf. We hope PG’s suggestions help ease the stress that can inevitably come with holiday gift shopping. Photos with prices and links for all of the items discussed on the show can be found below.

We also go in depth (no pun intended) on watch water resistance ratings and what the ISO 6425 dive watch standard really means. Hopefully the info will help you avoid any water damage catastrophes in the future. We hope you all enjoy the show, and don’t forget to give us a rating and review on iTunes and follow us on Instagram. And remember, tagging @lovenwatches and using the #lovenwatches hashtag gives you the opportunity to win something cool!

-RR & PG

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Perpetualgirl and I are just your basic obsessed watch geeks who enjoy bringing our perspectives on watches and the watch industry to other like-minded geeks.

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