Episode 25 – Baselworld 2019 Super Episode! We try desperately to be excited.

We’re back! And in this episode we wax lyrical about the wonder that is Basel. Well, ok not really. This was a tough one plain and simple, but there WERE some bright spots. Not many, but some.

Hope you all enjoy the show. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @lovenwatches, and check out our new YouTube channel as well.

– RR & PG

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2 thoughts on “Episode 25 – Baselworld 2019 Super Episode! We try desperately to be excited.

  1. This is the second podcast of yours that I’ve listened to and I was very surprised by the overwhelming negativity. It sounds like you don’t like watches that are expensive, gold, historical, Tudors, limited editions, etc. As a watch enthusiast, I can find something about any watch to like or admire. And I would never call a watch stupid, simply because it’s not for me. It’s one thing to be critical of a watch brand’s marketing strategy, and another to attack watches that will appeal to a great deal of people (maybe even some your audience).

    1. Mr. Bruce,

      We certainly respect your opinion, but if you listen to more than two episodes of the show or follow us on Instagram you’ll know that we own everything from $10 Casios to Rolexes, Cartiers, Omegas, Grand Seikos (limited editions), Oris (limited editions), Bulova (limited editions) and others in stainless, gold, two-tone, titanium, ceramic and other materials costing several thousand dollars so I’m pretty sure it’s not an issue of not liking “expensive” or “limited edition” or “gold” watches. You’ll also know that we don’t get paid a dime for producing the show, hosting our website, etc. We do it for our pure love of watches and horology and are both very passionate collectors and advocates for collectors of all socioeconomic levels. What we don’t like is laziness from the brands, which in our opinion was rampant at Basel this year. We also don’t like to see brands like Seiko pricing out their core audience, and we definitely feel that the limited edition nonsense is out of control in the industry.

      As we’ve stated in the show if all you want are positive and glowing reviews of every piece released by every brand there are other blogs and Podcasts out there that you will probably enjoy more than ours. Catering to the brands is most certainly NOT what we’re about. If on the other hand you want to hear honest opinions from actual collectors (as opposed to professional journalists) then I highly encourage you to listen to more of our episodes. I’ll warn you though that we most definitely will not find something positive to say about every watch. That’s just not reality. I’d be shocked if there wasn’t at least one watch on the planet that you would struggle to find something positive about. It’s the nature of human beings. Disagreement makes the world go ‘round my friend. Everyone’s tastes vary. If we don’t like something we’ll tell our listeners as much. Why would we lie and say we like something when we don’t? It’s just disingenuous.

      Again, the views in our Podcast are OUR opinions, no one else’s. If you think the Tudor P01 is awesome then by all means go for it. We think it’s a turd (as did thousands of other “enthusiasts” around the globe and apparently the US military all those years ago). We LOVE the Pelagos and are massively disappointed that, despite the shouting from the enthusiast community Tudor continues to ignore it. On the other hand we thought the Chanel J12, the Tag Isograph, The Joseph Bulova Collection pieces, and the new Breitling Navi were great so I’d certainly argue that we weren’t ALL negative. Our motto is to buy what you love and love what you buy, and screw what anyone else thinks. That’s what WE do. 🙂

      Either way we appreciate your comments and hope you’ll continue to listen to the show. If not, we totally understand and wish you all the best.

      Kind Regards,
      Ranch Racer

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