Episode 33 – Fun Watch Stuff To Keep You Busy While Hiding Inside!

Well here we are watchfam. Most of us stuck in our homes wondering when the heck we’ll be let out again, free only to buy groceries, put gas in the family wagon, or if we’re lucky take a quick walk around the block. But don’t despair, we here at Love ‘N Watches have a plethora of watch-related shenanigans to keep you busy during your forced (and responsible) imprisonment!

Join us as we discuss all kinds of fun stuff you can do with your watch hobby while waiting for release. Whether it’s swapping straps, binge listening to watch related Podcasts, or sitting down with a good watch book, we’ve got the answers!

Hope you all enjoy the show. Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @lovenwatches, and check out our YouTube channel as well.

-RR & PG

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Wrist Shots

Links from today’s show:

Hamilton P2 Reissue – www.hamiltonwatch.com/en-int/psr

The Wristwatch Handbook – smile.amazon.com/Wristwatch-Handb…584574660&sr=8-1

100+ No BS Watch Tips – smile.amazon.com/100-Watch-Tips-E…584574725&sr=8-1

A Man & His Watch – smile.amazon.com/Man-His-Watch-Wa…584574756&sr=8-1

The Watch Book Rolex – smile.amazon.com/Watch-Book-Rolex…584574790&sr=8-1

Bulova A History Of Firsts – smile.amazon.com/Bulova-History-F…584574824&sr=8-1

The Watch Book – smile.amazon.com/Watch-Book-Gisbe…584574859&sr=8-2

The Watch Book II – smile.amazon.com/Watch-Book-II-Gi…584574883&sr=8-2

A Moonwatch Story – smile.amazon.com/Moon-Watch-Story…584574921&sr=8-1

George Daniel’s Watchmaking – smile.amazon.com/Watchmaking-Geor…ds=George+Daniel’s+Watch+Making&qid=1584574945&sr=8-1


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