Podcast – Love ‘N Our Listeners Spotlight – Dr. Kibwe Weaver

We had such a great time doing our first Love ‘N Our Listeners spotlight and had such a fantastic response from so many of you wanting to be on the show that we decided to get another one out there ASAP. In this Spotlight you’ll meet Dr. Kibwe Weaver, one of our front line responders in the fight against the global pandemic and an avid watch collector.


Dr. Weaver is a minimally invasive bariatric and general surgeon that has found a wide variety of interests in life. Being the son of an army doctor, he traveled extensively from a young age. This led to a plethora of activities and interests from skiing and hockey to scuba and aviation. Throughout all of his adventures a commonality was that of watches. he has found interest in watches that span the game of styles and price ranges but his lifestyle leads him to focus on sporty watches and more modern pieces that can stand up to some abuse. A fan of micro brands and old standards, he looks for quality and function that fits his sense of style. The search is ongoing for the next activity, and joy is found when the perfect watch is on his wrist.

We love the breadth of the collection and had a great time chatting not only about watches but flying, cars, and anything else we had in common with the doc.

You can follow the doc on Instangram at @doc_todotundu. His watch photography is second to none so do yourself a favor and check out his feed.

And of course don’t forget to follow us on Instagram at @lovenwatches, and check out our YouTube channel as well.

-RR & PG

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