Podcast – The Big Oris Episode!

Well this one’s been in the making for quite a while now folks, and after a false start a couple of weeks ago due to our horrific rural Internet service we were finally able to get on the phone with Beth Haddad and V.J. Geronimo of Oris North America.

Beth is the West Coast Regional Sales Manager and V.J. is the North American CEO for the brand. Ranch Racer had the privilege of meeting Beth a couple of years ago when she joined our local Sacramento RedBar group for one of our GTGs to show us their latest offerings. VJ then came out with Beth a few months ago to again treat the group to some amazing watches from the brand. Finally, Beth helped RR surprise PG last week with an Oris Aquis Date 36mm!

We had a great time speaking with Beth and VJ. We talked about the history of the brand and all of the incredible charitable work that Oris is known for, and they also announced some very exciting things coming up just around the corner! If you’re a fan of the brand, and even if you’re not, this isn’t an episode you’ll want to miss.

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-RR & PG

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